Everything starts with an idea, a vision of a product. Transfer the thoughts to paper, transfer the paper to pattern, then bring it to life my making a first prototype that will be polished and detailed to the last thread before it is good enough to be adopted as an in-line product.

Careful selection of finest, highest quality fabrics and trims is essential. Choose the fabrics based on the needed properties, match the accessories to withstand intentional use, match the colors in best possible way and its ready to hit the production run.

All patterns are digitalized and fine-tuned before the fabrics are processed ensuring high usage of fabric with minimum loses. Precision cutters and trimmers are here to output an accurate part that will later be used by our sewers to be built into the final product.

Once all is ready, we engage the production line. From simple straight sewing lines to different bar tack application, manual as well as the automatic machines are used to connect the dots and ensure durability and high product lifetime.

Quality assurance is an extremely important segment. Every piece that comes off the production line – every piece no matter how small or big – passes thru the rigorous hands of our QA inspectors before being packed.Trimmed, cleaned, functionality checked, sewn right? If it meets all these criteria’s, its ready to roll.

Getting the goods to the hands of the customer – that’s what it’s all about. Carefully sorted, packed and protected the equipment is finally ready to hit the road, air or sea to reach their new owner.


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