Milipol in Paris – One of the great ones that needs no special introduction. The Global Security Ecosystem as called by the organizers. Every company that means something in the Defense market strives to be a part of this traditionally very strong and important exhibition. This year’s edition was 22nd edition of the fair with some additional organizational and participation challenges due off course to COVID-19 measures. Despite of all challenges, the 22nd edition of Milipol was held from 19th – 22nd October and hosted 800 exhibitors, over 20.000 visitors and nearly 100 foreign official delegations from 68 countries. Featuring a wealth of new products, this year’s Milipol focused on recovery after the pandemic period in which the exhibition organizing options were limited or none.

GALKO MPS again joined forces with nine other members of the Croatian defense industry Competitiveness Cluster and exhibited on a 15m2 booth in organization with Croatian Chamber of Commerce. 

Milipol was one of the final tests that the MPS segment has successfully passed. Many of the end users and distributors showed their interest in the new products and requested more detailed explanation and presentation of the vests, belts, carriers and backpacks at the booth. Those visits and a more detailed insights in the product details are already showing results in terms of received requests for quotations.  

An official MOD military magazine “Hrvatski Vojnik” also did an extensive report about the Milipol fair, the article can be read at this link:

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